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Commonly Confused Words: Freebie

Hey! It's that time of year. We've completed more days than we have left to go. It's also the time of year where my students may try to be lax with their writing and spelling. Ewww. Gross.

I get it. I totally do. That's why I've made a free set of commonly confused words posters. Print these out, hang them up, and have your students reference them...often. :)

Here are some quick examples from the set. 

 Swing by and grab them for free, and if you do, be sure to leave some feedback while you're there!

Teaching Text Structure: Part 2

You're back for more? I'm so glad you decided to check out the awesome work my students did! Here we go!

Teaching Text Structure: Part 1

If you follow me at all, on instagram or otherwise, you know that I'm what I'd like to call a sometimes blogger. I know that it drives people crazy. I can't help it. It gets so crazy busy during the school year that I just don't find time for it. But here it is, mid November, and I've got something awesome to share with you.

Using Weebly Education: Lit Circle Websites

Do you use literature circles in your classroom? If you don't you should seriously consider it. I've seen such growth from my students during literature circles. I love, love, love them. What I don't love? Loads of paper that can sometimes come with literature circles.

Why Decorating a Classroom is like Buying a Car...

The first half of this post has been edited from it's original content. Let me share a little about why. When I originally posted this, it was with only my personal knowledge and opinion about the topic. I sometimes felt shamed (yes, I'm choosing this word again because I'm pointing out how I feel, not necessarily a truth) into feeling bad about my classroom decor.

DIY Personalized Notepads: Monday Made It

I recently have acquired notepad frenzy. In the past, I have bought those cute notepads from the Dollar Tree, Dollar Spot, and anywhere else I can find them. Here's the problem with that: I never use them. They're never exactly what I need, so I end up with a pile of unused notepads. Now that I've figured out how to make my own notepads, I can customize them to be exactly what I need. Cue the music...

Flexible Seating for flexible learning

Flexible seating is the new "thing". I hope that doesn't discourage you from trying it though! I'm hoping it isn't a passing phase and that it sticks around because we need it. Here's the thing, we talk about changing education, but we've had the same exact environment for 70+ years. Seriously? We learn so much about how environment affects students' learning. So much so that we have an entire portion of our teacher evaluation dedicated to how we handle environment.

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