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I'm linking up, for the first time ever, with Farley at Ohboy4thgrade for July Currently.

Ok, I'm totally not lying when I say I can't sleep without the fan. We seriously pack it when we go on vacation etc. I have to have the noise. Not just any fan!

 I thought I had pulled away, but Vera lured me right back in. I'm a huge Vera Bradley fan *don't judge*, but here lately the patterns have been a little lack-luster for me. Like all out bland! Tonight, I went online to look at some of the sale patterns, which are patterns that I do love. That's when I saw it: the new Katalina Blues pattern. *Swoon*

I can't even explain how in love I am right now. I contacted the closest vendor to ask if they would have this pattern in next week. Surprise they do! Now I just hope the have the items that I'm looking for.

After lugging my laptop around at AP training last week, I've been thinking about buying a smaller laptop for travel purposes. Do I need another laptop? No, I have three. Do I want one. Heck yes! So if you have suggestions on a small, lightweight, laptop that will run a full version of office, please let me know!

Ok, already said, I want a new laptop and this awesome Vera stuff!

I'm noticing how much I use technology lately. It's a little, no a lot, much. I made sure that I took a break to spend time with the hubs tonight. I think I'll try to spend my tech time during the day when he's at work and make sure that the evening is our undivided time together.

Lastly, I'm currently an ALL STAR at organizing. I pretty good at this anyway, but I've been planning some new organization methods for the upcoming year. If I ever decide to do something other than teach (or college student personnel), I'd definitely be a personal organizer. It's my dream job!

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  1. I'm terrible about taking technology breaks! Isn't it crazy how you have to schedule time without it on purpose?!?! I totally get it! :-)

    Real Teachers Learn

  2. I love those Vera Bradley bags. I just got my first one as a giveaway prize and I am in love! lol

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

  3. SO glad I bought a MacBook Air, small & light enough to travel with and does all that I need! :) (But of course, I'm wanting a new computer as well.....) I could probably use a break from technology as well, but not looking like I'll be doing so. :)

    ♥ Stephanie
    Fishing for Education Blog

  4. It's funny (or not) how much we use technology....I'll be working on my Mac, watching Netflix on the iPad, and using my iPhone and my husband will look at me like got enough devices there? I have a Mac book air and it's really small and light or did you mean one of those mini sized PC's?

    Literacy Spark

  5. HI! I'm a fan of Vera myself and have been holding off on buying a new teacher bag because I didn't like the available patterns. However, I really love the Katalina Blues pattern you featured so I'll be checking out the online store as soon as I post this. :)
    Add Some Sparkle

    1. Yes, yes, yes! I hope you bought something fabulous! I haven't bought any new Vera in a year because I couldn't find the perfect pattern. When this pattern was released, I fell in love. Let me know if you decided to buy something at the awesome sale they're having! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I love that new Vera design! Something else to add to my "want" list ;)

    Cait's Cool School


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