Plan with me Sunday!

I'm linking up with Keeping up with Mrs. Harris and Kreative in Kinder for Plan with me Sunday! Other bloggers and I will be showcasing our planners, how we use them, and what we use them for!

During the school year, I plan EVERYTHING in my personal lesson planner. Check here for more information about that.

During the summer, however, I have far less to plan. I plan naps every day at around 2:30; I plan to munch on junk food; I plan for pure randomness and whatever makes me happy. It's pretty nice. There are other things that I can't really skimp on though. I still have to go grocery shopping. I still have to make supper. I still have appointments to keep up with: mine and my husbands. I still have things to do and remember and shopping lists to fill out. Needless to say, I reworked my deskpad to fit my summer needs.

I have a spot for my daily to dos, my shopping list, supper menu, and overall to do (whenever I get to it).

Under my daily to dos, I include appointments, specific errands that have to be ran on a certain day, and other daily information.

The overall to do list is for things that I want to complete at some point through the week, as I have time: clean out the bathroom cabinets, package and freeze meat, dust the living room etc.

The shopping list is for things that I need to pick up as I visit the store. I usually buy groceries once a month, but I have to buy dairy and vegetables as the month goes on.

 Last but not least, I had to include a supper menu. I don't mind cooking supper, but I hate cooking on the fly. I like to preplan supper for the week, when I can. This helps me remember to lay out meat to thaw and to pick up perishables that I will need for the week.

Here's what my planner looks like when it's filled out for the week. Check it out.

I pair this one pager with my Google Keep app. I'm not affiliated with Google in way, I just love the Keep app. I love that I can access it on my phone and on my laptop. I put my grocery list on there, my to do lists, notes to remember, appointments etc. I like having everything in one place.

Thanks for stopping by! Head on over to the linky and check out everyone's planning methods!
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