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Ok, I'm totally not lying when I say I can't sleep without the fan. We seriously pack it when we go on vacation etc. I have to have the noise. Not just any fan!

 I thought I had pulled away, but Vera lured me right back in. I'm a huge Vera Bradley fan *don't judge*, but here lately the patterns have been a little lack-luster for me. Like all out bland! Tonight, I went online to look at some of the sale patterns, which are patterns that I do love. That's when I saw it: the new Katalina Blues pattern. *Swoon*

I can't even explain how in love I am right now. I contacted the closest vendor to ask if they would have this pattern in next week. Surprise they do! Now I just hope the have the items that I'm looking for.

After lugging my laptop around at AP training last week, I've been thinking about buying a smaller laptop for travel purposes. Do I need another laptop? No, I have three. Do I want one. Heck yes! So if you have suggestions on a small, lightweight, laptop that will run a full version of office, please let me know!

Ok, already said, I want a new laptop and this awesome Vera stuff!

I'm noticing how much I use technology lately. It's a little, no a lot, much. I made sure that I took a break to spend time with the hubs tonight. I think I'll try to spend my tech time during the day when he's at work and make sure that the evening is our undivided time together.

Lastly, I'm currently an ALL STAR at organizing. I pretty good at this anyway, but I've been planning some new organization methods for the upcoming year. If I ever decide to do something other than teach (or college student personnel), I'd definitely be a personal organizer. It's my dream job!

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Plan with me Sunday!

I'm linking up with Keeping up with Mrs. Harris and Kreative in Kinder for Plan with me Sunday! Other bloggers and I will be showcasing our planners, how we use them, and what we use them for!

During the school year, I plan EVERYTHING in my personal lesson planner. Check here for more information about that.

During the summer, however, I have far less to plan. I plan naps every day at around 2:30; I plan to munch on junk food; I plan for pure randomness and whatever makes me happy. It's pretty nice. There are other things that I can't really skimp on though. I still have to go grocery shopping. I still have to make supper. I still have appointments to keep up with: mine and my husbands. I still have things to do and remember and shopping lists to fill out. Needless to say, I reworked my deskpad to fit my summer needs.

I have a spot for my daily to dos, my shopping list, supper menu, and overall to do (whenever I get to it).

Under my daily to dos, I include appointments, specific errands that have to be ran on a certain day, and other daily information.

The overall to do list is for things that I want to complete at some point through the week, as I have time: clean out the bathroom cabinets, package and freeze meat, dust the living room etc.

The shopping list is for things that I need to pick up as I visit the store. I usually buy groceries once a month, but I have to buy dairy and vegetables as the month goes on.

 Last but not least, I had to include a supper menu. I don't mind cooking supper, but I hate cooking on the fly. I like to preplan supper for the week, when I can. This helps me remember to lay out meat to thaw and to pick up perishables that I will need for the week.

Here's what my planner looks like when it's filled out for the week. Check it out.

I pair this one pager with my Google Keep app. I'm not affiliated with Google in way, I just love the Keep app. I love that I can access it on my phone and on my laptop. I put my grocery list on there, my to do lists, notes to remember, appointments etc. I like having everything in one place.

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Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday today! Check out what's been going on this week. 

Earlier this week, the neighbor gave (yes, gave!) us about 6 pounds of fresh plums! Now listen when I say this, you don't want to eat six pounds of plums at once. You will not like the outcome. Just trust me. So, I decided to make jelly instead. Now usually I make apple cinnamon jelly, which is my favorite, but oh man this plum jelly turned out amazing!

I also did a little sewing yesterday. I've been looking for a way to organize my daily handouts, and the last thing I need is one more thing on my desk. I looked around online and saw some hanging file organizers, but none were exactly what I wanted. Enter: sewing machine and extra fabric! It turned out great!

Call me lame, but I'm super pumped for AP training next week. I'm making a mental note of what I need to pack and take with me. That's an ongoing process since I'll be away from home for four days.

I've been redesigning my blog this week. It's really similar to what it was, but I've changed some things and added some things. My favorite new thing is my new logo! Swoon!

Last but not least, I've been working on sprucing up my tpt store. I've given some products a much needed facelift. Some, I've updated recently so I just fixed the covers. Others needed a major overhaul.

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