Interactive Notebooks: Skills

Before anything else, please allow me to apologize profusely. My plan for this series was to publish one post per week. However, I've only had intermittent internet for about two and a half months now. (Like 2 weeks worth of days out of two and a half months.) So, I'm going to try to do some catching up this week.

This particular section is super useful and a little tricky. What goes here? How do my students utilize this information? Why is it called skills?

This sections houses all of those awesome skills and strategies you have shared with your students: annotating, close reading, notice and note reading, research methods, and more. This is all literary for me because that's what I teach, but if you taught your students how to solve multistep equations, you can put it here. If you teach your students correct lab procedures, you guessed it, put it here.

Interactive Notebooks: The Personal Section

This post in the series will cover the first section of our notebook: personal.

This is one of the nine tabs in our notebook. This section is approximately 7 pages long. The “personal” tab is attached to the front of page three. You can let your student decorate this page, provide a pre-printed divider for the page, or leave it blank. However, I choose not to put any assignments/information on my divider pages.