Interactive Notebooks: Content

Woohoo! This is one of my favorite sections! I love, love, love teaching and reviewing literary content. I'm such a nerd. And...I'm loving my new dividers for next year's interactive notebook!

Anyway, let's jump right in! This section is full of fun foldables and great content! This is the place to keep all of the information and content specific to your subject (that doesn't fit into a different category). Now that I'm trying to explain what goes in this category, I'm kind of struggling. I say "content", but everything in the notebook is probably specific to your content. Ok, the best thing to do is just show you what I put in our content section.

 Tone and Mood: I include these foldables from Lovin' Lit's literature interactive notebook. It is a great resource for foldables. These are great for reviewing, or teaching, tone and mood.

I pair the Tone and Mood pages from Lovin' Lit with these pages that I've found or created to support my students when teaching tone and mood. This particular page is stacked three pages deep, so that we can keep everything about tone and mood on this one spread.

 This is a foldable that I created for an extended metaphor prezi that I use in class. I just created this page by using shapes and text boxes in powerpoint to setup the format in the top picture. When you cut it down the middle vertically and horizontally in the middle, it creates this four flap organizer. The student's organizers had notes under each flap.

This is a inference puzzle that I made from a free puzzle piece clipart set. My students thought inference meant "good guess", so we needed to correct that definition a little. We reviewed using the puzzle foldable. Then we used task cards *note the multiple choice answers shown*. Lastly, we took
a couple of briefly notes based on a discussion and activity that we completed in class.

This is a foldable made by my intern to review characterization. Yes, I know that characterization is taught in the seventh grade. Let's all keep in mind that students don't always retain what is taught. Therefore, we review and dig deeper.

 This is another awesome foldable from Lovin' Lit. It's a plot sequence review. We just glued this in and applied it to a wordless pixar short. The definition is on top of each flap while content that we applied goes under the flap.

 Yep! Another Lovin' Lit. (No, I'm not endorsed or affiliated. She just has great resources at awesome prices!) This one is great. It allows students to take notes, but it also includes a situation sort to help students practice this content.

 This thematic statement flap book is what we use when we get ready to write our thematic analysis papers. It's full of rich content with lots of scaffolding for my students. I created it to help guide them through the process and to provide them with a reference to use in the future.

 This gem was created by my intern and me. It worked well, and my students loved the variety. This was a place for their notes.

The picture on the top is where they practiced their rhetoric spotting skills. This is a fun little resource from B's Book Love. The bottom picture is from my Archetypes Resource that I use for teaching character archetypes.

This obviously isn't everything included in this section, but I wanted to give you a visual idea of what type of content I include in the, well, content section. :)

If you teach English and feel overwhelmed at the thought of finding resources for this section, you might check out the resources that I linked within the post. Those of you that teach other subjects might check out pinterest and teacherspayteachers. Please note that the following links are just suggestions based on searches that I performed on teacherspayteachers. I have no idea about the content or quality of these resources. Please check them out before purchasing. I just wanted to give you a starting place.

Science Interactive Notebooks
Science Interactive Notebooks 2: Physcial Science

Math Interactive Notebook: Algebra
Math Interactive Notebook 2: Geometry

History Interactive Notebook: Ancient History
History Interactive Notebook: American History

 If you're super awesome and fearless and have all kinds of time to create all of your resources from scratch, you can check out these blank foldable templates to help you save some of your sanity.

The Ultimate Interactive Notebook Template Collection (Blank Editable Templates) by Lovin Lit

Interactive Notebook Templates 1000+ (Classroom & Commercial) by The Candy Class

Interactive Notebook Templates by Tangstar Science

If you're hesitant to purchase a set of these, there are lots of free foldable sampler packs on teachers pay teachers. This is a great way to wet your feet. You can also find lots of FREE resources in an online search and on pinterest.

Questions, comments, concerns? Hit me up!

I hope that you're enjoying these posts, and that you'll come back soon for the next part of this series: the article of the week section: informational texts!


  1. Great post! I'm new to middle school after 16 years in first grade. This is a helpful post for me! Thanks!

    1. That's great to hear! I hope you'll continue to check in for the rest of the series!

  2. I am in love with your INB posts! I am a second year science teacher' and I am excited about using notebooks this year. But, it can be a bit intimidating to get started!!!

    Your posts have given me so much inspiration and confidence that I can make this work for me! Thank you for taking the time to write them!!!

    1. Awww, thank you so much! This made my week! I'm so glad that you're enjoying them, and I hope that you'll come back to check out the rest of the series.

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  4. How many pages did you assign for this section?

    1. I had 40 pages for this section last year. However, we didn't use all of that, so this year, I'm backing it down to 30 pages for this section. I'm moving those "extra" ten pages to my writing section.

  5. Thanks so much for all your ING ideas! I was curious about the thematic statement flap book in one of your pictures... Is that something you sell?

    1. It's not something in my store right now. I've played around with the idea of getting it ready for my store, but have never followed through. If it ends up there, I'll be sure to come back here and let you know. :)

    2. PLEASE include the thematic statement flap book! My students struggle with them so.

  6. Hi! I absolutely LOVE your blog! I've read almost every post and taken tons of notes. I was teaching 6th grade up until Fall Break, at which point my admin asked me to move up and fill a vacant 10th and 11th English position. I'm excited, because teaching high school English has always been my dream, but I'm also feeling incredibly overwhelmed and terrified that I won't give my students the depth and rigor they need!
    Anyway, your blog has helped a LOT! I have a few questions, though...
    1- Could you explain your daily bell work from your Classroom Decor page? I saw your explanation for the Article of the Week, but would you mind explaining what you do for the rest?
    2- Do you have any specific strategies for implementing INBs? I would like to start setting up their notebooks on Monday, and I'd also like to start doing bell work the way you have it, with a different task each day, but I don't want to overwhelm or confuse them! What would you recommend starting with?
    3- How long have you been teaching? How long did it take for you to become comfortable/confident?
    4- Any tips for classroom management? I have no problem correcting the boys if they get out of line, but girls take things so personally! Honestly I'm almost 33 but I find it intimidating to correct some of the girls. I'm very non-confrontational and soft-spoken, but I don't want to allow them to bulldoze me either! I'm used to disciplining 10-year olds!
    5- When you need to lecture or do something whole-group, does the informal seating ever become an issue? Do you find that students disconnect more from you when they're sitting in the comfy chairs or bean bags as opposed to regular desks?
    I would be eternally grateful for any advice and guidance. :) My email address is
    Thank you!!

    1. I just sent an email your way! I hope this helps!