Pinteresting, very pinteresting.

I stopped by The Classy Teacher today to check out her newest pins for inspiration. While I was there, I figured I would join in.

Welcome to the world of my ADHD. :) Summer is pretty much a free for all when it comes to the topics of my pins. You've been forewarned.

MMMMM!!! Refrigerator pickles....oh so good. I tried these, and they're definitely good after 48 hours. They're even better after about a week! Oh yes! Click on the picture for the recipe!

Also, this pizza dough! I used it for stromboli, and it was AH-mazing! Best stromboli crust I've ever had. It was perfectly chewy without being doughy!

And....some classroom stuff! I'm always looking for ways to differentiate, and this makes total sense. Give kids a color and use it to group them. They don't even need to know why you gave them a specific color. 

I've also been working on how to increase the depth of my literature circle discussion questions. This is it. I love this handy chart.

And finally, some classroom decor.I've been thinking of how cool the office spaces are at Google and similar companies. I'd like to have a similar feel in my classroom. I love the collaborative, think big, do big things feel. This isn't something I ordered: I just liked it for inspiration. However, I've linked back to the original link (which is an Etsy store in the UK. Just sayin').

As usual, I'm working on my flexible seating. (A new blog post on that coming soon.) I've got the majority of my furniture in place, I just need to paint a couple of pieces and finalize an arrangement. One of my paint jobs is to paint a couple of my trapezoid tables with whiteboard paint to encourage collaboration and creativity. I'm so excited. I can't wait to show you how that turns out.

Also on the paint list is a dining room table, the top of my bar height table, three (other) trapezoid tables, and a literature sorter. :( It's going to be worth it when it's done though!

What have you been pinning lately? Have any good inspiration? Let me know in the comments below by telling me what you've found or linking to your blog post! I'd love to see!

In the mean time, head on over to The Classy Teacher and check out what she's been pinning. She is my inspiration for this post after all!

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  1. Aww! Thanks mentioning me. :)

    Love your pins. Those color baskets are amazing! And that vinyl wall quote? Yes please!