DIY Personalized Notepads: Monday Made It

I recently have acquired notepad frenzy. In the past, I have bought those cute notepads from the Dollar Tree, Dollar Spot, and anywhere else I can find them. Here's the problem with that: I never use them. They're never exactly what I need, so I end up with a pile of unused notepads. Now that I've figured out how to make my own notepads, I can customize them to be exactly what I need. Cue the music...

Now, I'm going to impart upon you the notepad making knowledge. LOL. That sounded so pretentious. But seriously, here's how to stock up on notepads until the end of forever!

Here's what you need:

a stack of already cut notepad pages (create your own)
AT LEAST two medium binder clips 
1 small paintbrush
1 piece of chipboard, cut to size
CLEAR Tacky Glue
Scissors or paper cutter
Optional: two mini binder clips and one jumbo binder clip

First, design your notepad in powerpoint. You can easily make your own. This is a quarter sized notepad, so I separated the page into four parts. Once you're ready, print your notepad pages. I usually print about 10 sheets, so I end up with 40 pages of notepad. I print mine borderless, but it's not a requirement. 

Once you've got your pages printed, you need to cut each sheet into four equal parts. I use my paper cutter. First, I cut the long side at 5.5 inches: exactly half.

Next, I cut each half in half. This means you need to cut the paper at 4.25 inches. 

Once you have all of your pages cut and stacked, flip them upside-down and tap on a hard surface to ensure that the top of all the pages are even. 

Now, add a piece of chipboard (or recycled notebook cover) to the back. I don't have a picture of me cutting this because I used a piece that I had already cut. Sorry. :(

Clip everything together at the top using binder clips. I use one medium clip on each side. 

You're ready to start gluing! Use the tacky glue to add a couple of dollops or dots of glue across the top. Don't use too much: just a dot not a lot. You want thin layers like when you're painting. 

I use a small angled paintbrush to spread the glue out. Make sure that the glue covers the entire top including the chipboard at the back. I put pressure in the middle while I'm gluing so that the glue doesn't seep in between the pages. 

Once I have everything glued, I use extra clips to put pressure on the top of the notepad. This is optional, but it ensures that the glue doesn't seep. I also use a jumbo binder clip to prop my notepad up while the glue dries. 

Once the glue has dried, I take the top clips off, paint another layer of glue, and reattach the clips. I usually use three layers of glue. It doesn't take long to dry, maybe 7-8 minutes for each layer. When you've got everything glued and dry, take the clips off and use your new notepad!

Have you ever made a notepad before? If you use this tutorial, I'd love to see what you make! Send me an email or tag me on instagram! If you have questions or need help, let me know in the comments below. :)


  1. I love the idea and your notepads! What do you use these for? They are beautiful!

    1. Thanks! This particular notepad is a missing work slip. When my students are missing multiple assignments, I just list what they're missing, write their name on it, date it, and give it to them. This way, they don't forget what they're missing. I love my post it notes too much to keep wasting them, plus they're super expensive. This notepad solves most of those problems. :)

  2. Is this file still available for download? I attempted to download it but the page went blank.