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Educational Blogs:
Laura Randazzo
The Literary Maven
Building Book Love
2 Peas and a Dog
Tracee Orman
Caitlin Tucker

Teachers Pay Teachers
Read Write Think
Web English Teacher
National Archives: Document Analysis

Free Rice Vocabulary Practice
Ultimate Vocabulary Resource: Super Summary

Free audiobooks
Free eBooks
Newsela: Leveled informational texts
Common Lit: Leveled Literary Texts
Article of the Week: Kelly Gallagher

Interactive Sites:
Poll Everywhere: Interactive Polling
Wordle: Word Clouds
Tagxedo: Word Clouds
Prezi: Presentations
Mind Map
Mind Map 2
Speaking Avatars
Comic Creator
QR Code Generator: QR Stuff
QR Code Genreator: QR Monkey
Talking Images
Interactive Discussions
Kahoot: Game-style question platform
Plickers: Engaging answering platform
Remind: Communicate with students
Quizlet: Study Materials
Pear Deck: Interactive Presentation Delivery
Flipgrid: Video prompts and responses

Interactive Grammar Games
No Red Ink
Writing Lab
Citation Creator
Note Taking
Super Summary: Grammar Edition
Rhetorical: Logical Fallacies

Online Classrooms:
Google Classroom
Weebly: Websites

Media reviews
(Books, movies, and more. This includes aspects of the book including violence level, age level, positive role model rating, language rating, etc. )
Free ACT/SAT Preparation
Online Jump Drive
GRE Test Prep

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