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Yay for new updates! The above pictures is for the 2017-2018 school year. :) I'm changing the pictures that have changed so far in my room and will be updating as I update through the summer. :) If it has my new logo, The Teal Paperclip, on it, it's been updated. :)

Check out the pictures below to get a better idea of what the details of my room look like. I'm going to start at the right of this picture and work my way around the room. If there's something in the pano that you don't see in the details section below, please let me know, and I'll try to get some pictures for you. Enjoy!

This is what I call my entryway table. On the right, the big long blue poster is a list of my expectations for my students. Above the board is a set of posters that include the "Think before you speak" idea, 21st century skills, and design process posters. I created these, but I got the idea (with permission) from AlwaysSunnyCo on Etsy. She makes adorable prints and offers a variety of colors. If she doesn't have the color you want, she offers color changes. Check out that resource HERE.
On the right side of the actual bulletin board, I've got a couple of the 7 habits inspired posters hanging right now, a lunch schedule, my clock, and a welcome sign. The left side of the board is an interactive calendar made with washi tape, outdoor furniture vinyl, and velcro (for the numbers to be interchangeable). 

This is a new addition to my room this year, and I'm super stoked about it. It's an interactive bookshelf. It's just made with paper and layered bulletin board border. As my students and I read throughout the year, we'll decorate a spine after each book we read. We'll add the spine to the bookshelf here; it will work as a fun, running record of what we've read this year! I can't wait to put this to use!

There are bookshelves to the right side of the area in this picture. They're just used for books, materials, and etc. Nothing interesting. Sorry. 

However, this little gem is total eye candy. I love this area. It's new as of this summer. Ok, the posters at the back of the room above my bookshelf are just levels of learning posters. 4,3,2,1 format for students to self-assess. 

The fantastic bar-height table in the center (you can only really see the stained top of it) was built by my husband about a year and a half ago. It's fabulous. The stools I use with that table are from IKEA. The futon that is backed up to the table is a walmart special; the patterned pillow cases are from Hobby Lobby; and the big turquoise pillows were on clearance at Target at the end of summer. The papasan chairs were ordered from Walmart.com, and I found the little table in stores at walmart. Y'all, I live in the country, and Walmart is sometimes my only choice. :( The rug came from Ross last summer. 

Also, those gorgeous lights across the ceiling...they're from Amazon. They're wonderful and not horribly expensive. They're a lot of fun when we turn the lights out! 

You can also see the back corner of the room. There's a blue hanging pocket chart (there are three of these in my room). Above the pocket chart is my labels for library genres.

Ok, this wall isn't completely finished, but when it is, I'll update the pictures. :) The shelf at the bottom was built by my husband. He's super handy and my best friend. I got really really really lucky; I definitely married up ;). The banner across the top middle says "Reference". The board on the left is for literary elements. Ugh, I cut my letters too tall, so I couldn't stack the "elements" part underneath it. See, I told you: a work in progress. The middle board, which is obviously blank, is going to be a writing reference. The board on the right is for figurative language. Both the literary elements and figurative language posters are Stacey Lloyd gems. If you don't know who she is, get your life right and go find out. She's amazing! To the left of all this mess, is my lovely HP posters I found on pinterest. Hate if you want to, HP is my jam! The shelf below the literary elements board is another hubby special. It houses my handout drawers and other necessities. 

See! Here's that lit terms board again. Sorry that the lighting in this is janky! Eek! This is my new ikea desk. Love! It's got a variety of junk on the wall around it etc. I'm not going to go into each little thing, but if you have questions about something specific, leave me a comment below, and I'll get back to you!

The tech desk. I put my other desk against the wall, so that my students would have access to it. Other junk as seen haha. Again, if you have questions about something specific, let me know.

This is the "front" of my classroom. Um, bean bags under the smart board, the thing in the front center bottom area is a stage. It's covered by a funky, fun rug right now. :) My board is divided into sections, and the sections are labeled with vinyl that I cut with my silhouette. 

Here's a close up of the content above the board.

And another, of our opening activities. I saw this idea on Maneuveringthemiddle's instagram. Love it!

This is our "recharge" station. Students can put their phone in their pocket, or they can charge it in one of mine. Either way works for me. 

This little gem is the wall of affirmation. I got this idea from this site on pinterest! It's a wonderful idea and fits perfectly with my classroom atmosphere. 

I'm sure there are some things that I left out, but this should give you a good idea of what it really looks like in here. I hope you enjoyed!

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